Welcome to Connect to Community 3 ~ 02/20/2014

You will find that Connect to Community program is a unique experience that hopefully will be a World Wide experience for all Seniors. It will open your mind to an entire new world that is advancing daily.

It will soon be your favorite technology and the skills that you learn will help you to connect to others and end loneliness forever. At anytime, feel free to contact members of the previous classes for help or advice, we will be more than happy to assist.

Social Networking with your IPad/Computer ~ 02/18/2014

A Social Network is a place online, where you regularly share with other people. You can share your thoughts of the day, new additions to the family, pictures from trips, graduations, your garden, and many other things of interest.

You will explore three of the most popular social networks which are: Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Have fun on them all!

AARP Foundation, OATS, & Family Matters ~ 02/11/2014

I’d like a to give a Great Big Thank You to the AARP Foundation, OATS, and Family Matters for piloting the Connect to Community Program!

This program has opened up so much for so many people and has enhanced the lives of people experiencing disabilities, depression, and loneliness.

We learned many technical skills and had a professional atmosphere and knowledgable Instructors which we all are very grateful for as well as the experience. Many thanks from all of us!